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Mad about Minis!
What is it about Poi, or Mini, Hoops that has So Captured our Imaginations?
There's no doubt that mini (twin, or poi) hooping has made its way into the
hooping world with a quickness. If you haven't tried your hand at a pair of
smaller hoops
yet, I'd wager you want to . . . badly.

I personally can't put mine down. So, as is my fashion, I've been thinking about
how to describe what makes dancing with these new additions to our communal
hooping toy box . . .
so thoroughly exciting and entrancing.

First, let's assess the obvious. In the grand scheme of hoopy things, minis are
new. They're FAST. And there's two of them! From the moment we pick them
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up, we sense the potential to open up a whole new can of bad-ass. The world of what is possible with minis seems a
brand new and little-explored landscape -- full of hoop- magic and mystery.  

Those of us on the mainland are breathlessly watching the video-reports we're getting from our adventurers at the
furthest borders of this hoop-expansion. Our very own Lewis & Clarks, cutting through the wilderness of Doubling
our Fun. Notable among them, Richard Porter and Vivian Sprial, of
Hoop Techinque, have managed to get the
hooping world pretty psyched up about what they're doing - which is, as best I can tell, applying the very science of
movement to expand what we know about how we groove with our favorite circle(s). While we wait intently for the
release of their DVD any day now, there's no missing the buzz and what's causing it --- videos like the one below!
Novelty and gnosis aside, here's what else is exciting me
about hooping with minis.

experienced community of poi & staff spinners, whose
moves we're translating and adapting as we conduct our
own "experiments."

I can wrap my tiny little hands around their lightweight and
half-inch bodies. I can dramatically change their direction
plane, and speed with my paltry and embarrassingly weak
wrist strength. Hell, I can toss and catch them without
risking the loss of one of my hands!

Hooping with a pair of minis is
forcing me to strengthen,
challenge, and work the weaker side of my upper body.
"Pink Moon," Richard Porter of Hoop Technique
My shoulder and hand muscles are constantly on fire, letting me know they're growing and that I'll be able to pull off
a left-handed isolation -- maybe even open a jar! -- any day now.

Minis are attracting more men to the hooping community. And I'm excited to see what mini hoops can for and
through the hands of those who do not have the use of their legs. What's got
you amped up about minis?
Tell us all about it!

Dig minis? Check out the Mini Hoop Group at HoopCity here.
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