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You're So Vain ... You Probably Think This Blog Is About You!
Forget the Hoop Makeover. This Week, We're Making Over the Hooper.
Hooposophy is all about focusing on your Hooper-Within ... about discovering and unleashing your own unique
style, dance, and personality
within your hoop.  But every once in a while dolling up the outside can go along way
towards expressing the changing hooper on the inside. That
fabulous photo of Rich Porter & Sprial probably comes
to mind. It's time to shed your inhibitions and put on the glitz - you've never indulged yourself so deliciously!

In short, dressing up like a rock star can actually make you feel like one!  If you're new to glamming it up, here's
some inspiration. If you're an old pro, take this is a reminder to indulge yourself anew!
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"Great ideas, Lara! I can't wait to try it all out and get some photos. :)" -- Kristen 'Scarlet' http://hoopfurthur.tumblr.com 3/3/10
Brook Anne. Photo by me!
  • Imagine and create a hooping persona. Brainstorm about what
    kind of hooping character you'd like to pretend to be for a day, or
    what you'd like to discover within yourself. What would he wear? How
    would she stand? Imagine your creation from head to toe.
  • Make it an event with your friends. Use the reserves of all your
    wardrobes and accessories. Put on some music, pour some wine,
    and help one another design a hooping superstar.
  • Consider going pro. There's a lot to be said for getting
    professional makeup and photos. April of Capture Studios did both
    for Brandy (left) and the pictures of me on this site. If it's not in your
    budget, ask around. Odds are you've got pals with mad skills.
  • Use What Ya' Got. You don't have to go on a shopping spree to make this
    happen. I'm wearing (above right) homemade pantaloons, the bottom half of a
    thrift store prom dress, a handmade corset, a borrowed lingerie top, and
    sweater-sleeves my friend Jaime of the Hot Toddies Flaming Cabaret  makes
    (She and friend Stephanie of Hustle n Bustle made that rad hat, too).  Brook's
    gorgeous dreads and tattoos (right) made her birthday dress-up day as much
    about her natural beauty as the faux orchids we weaved into her hair.
  • Layers, Layers, Layers.  I'm of the "more is better" camp when it comes to
    playing dress up. Like some of the most stunning canvases, layering clothes
    and accessories adds texture to the creation. When it comes to your face, it
    doesn't hurt either to lay it on thicker than usual. You'll be glad you did when
    you see the photos (Yes, you too, guys!). Mmmm... glitter.
  • Props Rock! Uber urban landscapes can be just as fabulous backdrops as
    natural ones - go scouting! You can use mirrors, ladders, graffiti walls, and
    whatever is laying around to add interest and detail to your creation.
This photo shoot (left) with Brandy Hug, Dawn, and April (makeup & photos)
continues to inspire me to experiment with and record for posterity my always-
evolving hooping personalities.

I hope this inspires you, too, to grab your friends and work together to help one
another create a vision for the hoop-star inside you! Please share links to your own
fabulous photos below. Or post your own tips for expressing how hooping is changing
you, making you braver, and more beautiful inside and out, every single day.